Why You Need a Wall-mounted Hose Reels

As the name implies, Wall-Mounted hose reels are meant to be fixed on a wall. Depending on what you want to use it for, you can always find a suitable https://giraffetools.com/products/retractable-garden-hose-reel that will fit your needs. Usually, they come in either plastics or metal materials.

This piece shows what Wall-Mounted hose reels are considered to be amongst the best you will ever use.

Importance of Wall-Mounted Hose Reels

Using the right reel heightens the level of excitement you will get while gardening. If you run a private garden, the Wall-Mounted hose reel can come in handy. Here’s why you need one:

1. Saves Water

Wall-Mounted hose reels help you to save water a great deal. This is because after you remove the hose connection from the tap, the drip device is plugged in; it helps to prevent leakage or waste after watering.

 2. Easy to Use and Transport

Because of how it’s built, the Wall-Mounted hose reel can be made to tilt at a 180° angle. Doing this helps to stop the hose from forming a kinky mess during watering. It’s also a way of making the hose fold after usage to save space. During winter, it’s best to remove the reel out of its holder and store them neatly to prevent frosting.

3. Easy to Reach

The best way to water your garden is when you have a hose that can be easily reached whenever you need it. This is where the Wall-Mounted hose reel comes in as it’s often handy. It can be connected to different available devices that are nearby.

4. It doesn’t bend, cranks, or dirty your hands

Since a hose of about 15 meters is easily ready for use due to its desired length, it can be hard to store it after use. The hose reel ensures that your hose doesn’t crank, bend or get dirty after use by automatically pulling it back up to its reel. This way, you are sure that your hose won’t get knotted or kinked, which may often lead to its damage.

Besides, storing your hose on a reel instead of having it coiled up in its wet state, on a muddy floor, helps to protect it from stains and dirt. It’s also a way of stopping certain elements that can lead to a shortened lifespan of the hose.

5. Storage is Much Easier

Lastly, rolling up your hose is much easier when you’re with the right kind of reel. The Wall-Mounted hose reel is simple storage equipment that makes putting your garden hose away easy. With it, all you need to do is turn on the crank to automatically wind up your hose.

Final Thoughts

To extend the life of your hose, you need to understand that proper storage, alongside practicing good care methods can make this possible. The beautiful thing is that achieving this is quite easier; you only have to invest in a perfect tool like the Wall-Mounted hose reel.

So, get it done as soon as possible. You definitely won’t regret it.