Why every dog owner should get a dog portrait

A dog is man’s best friend and if you own one, you will realize that this much is true. When you raise a dog from infancy they tend to become like your own child and can easily become a part of the family. Although dogs do not live forever, their presence in our lives brings nothing more than joy and laughter.

Whether you got your dog from a rescue shelter or you got a new pup, as soon as your dog warms up to you, it’s love all the way. When I first got my dog and it didn’t warm up to me immediately, I was slightly heartbroken. I just wanted to hold it and take care of it, it was the cutest pup to me. I wanted to show it off to the world, selfies and all. A lot of people think they should wait for a perfect time to have a dog portrait painting. However, there is no perfect time, bad things happen and your dog can die anytime either by accident or illness. You should treasure every moment you have with your dog.

Top reasons why you should get a dog portrait

Some of the reasons you should get a portrait includes;

To eternalize or monumentalize your dog

A dog portrait painting will forever serve as a memorial or monument for your dog and even when they are no longer with you will always be reminded of their loyalty and love towards you. Although photographs go a long way in keeping the memory of our dogs alive, the role of a portrait cannot be overemphasized.

To create awareness

If you a dog lover or even a lover of animals and would want to create awareness on issues relating to animals, having a dog portrait painting could go long way to express that and even change people’s perspective on animals.

To capture your dog’s unique personality

Just like humans, every dog has a unique personality. No two dogs behave in the same way. Having a portrait of your dog will capture them just the way you want. You will always have a memory of them showing off a particular character trait.

To bear a tale

They say pictures are worth more than a thousand words. What better way to tell a tale than the use of pictures. With a good artist, you can tell an interesting story with just one photo of your dog in a portrait.

To show your loyalty and devotion to your dog

Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal animals to man. If your dog has been very loyal to you, you might want to return the love by having a portrait of it in one of the rooms in your apartment.

To have an interesting piece in your house

A dog portrait painting especially that of your dog will draw a lot of attention when friends and family come around visiting.

Whatever type of dog portrait you intend to have for your dog, it will always leave a mark for your dog on earth and that is what matters most.