Water Hose Reels: Things You Should Know

Hose reels are instruments for keeping hoses, it avails the hose for prompt use whenever the hose is needed. It is cylindrical and the hose is wrapped around it. It is usually made from plastic, steel, or fiberglass. It prevents the hose from getting kinks and also tangles. Hose reels can be set permanently on a wall or can be movable, by having wheels or being placed on a truck.

Water Hose Reel Retracting Types

Classified by retracting methods, water hose reels are grouped into three; they are hand crank or manual retractable, motor-driven, and spring-driven.

1. Hand Crank (Manual Retractable)

In this retract method, turns of the crank cause a pull on the hose from the reel. Once done, reverse turns on the crank cause the reel to retract the hose back into place, quite simple.

Advantages of Hand Crank Reels

  • It can function without any source of power supply.
  • It does not cost much to maintain.
  • It accommodates longer and wider hoses.
  • The designs are usually not complex, just simple.
  • Manual retractable water hose reels are flexible, they can fit in any location.

2. Motor-Driven

Reels with the motor-driven retractable method have motors attached to them. They are different motors available to be used for motor-driven hose reels. They retract the hose competently.

Advantages of Motor Driven Hose Reels

  • It does not demand much energy
  • Physical energy is not required
  • It is safe for use in all environment
  • Can be used with any length of hose

3. Spring Driven

Spring-driven water hose reels are made with spring in them. Tension is created in the spring when the hose is pulled. Then, when you are done with the hose, the tension is released and the hose is retracted.

Advantages of Spring Driven Hose Reels

  • It does not require a power supply
  • It does not cost much to maintain
  • It is easy to use
  • Can be placed in any location
  • It does not demand much labor

Water Hose Reel Mounting Options

Water hose reel mounting options vary from ceiling to floor. They can be mounted on the wall, can be mobile, post mounted, and can also be free-standing.

Hints on Choosing the Right Water Hose Reel

Choosing a perfect water hose reel demands an understanding of hose reels, knowing their various types and functions.

  1. Length: Spring-driven reels are often advisably used for short hoses. Motor-driven hose reels are fit for longer hoses and are energy efficient. Manual reels are suitable for long and short hoses.
  2. Pressure and Temperature: The reel should be able to hold both the pressure and temperature the water uses to pass through the hose.
  3. Maintenance: It is common knowledge that anything not maintained doesn’t last long. So get a hose reel you can maintain. Have a proper maintenance schedule to keep your hose reel longer.

Wrapping Up

Water hose reels are advantageous. They keep your hose safe and easily accessible. If you have a hose, then you need a hose reel. You should lookout for a few things before you get a hose reel. You can try this site to get varieties of water hose reels and make a choice.