Top Hacks For Increasing your Engagement on YouTube

A certain type of pain and regret tends to develop in the mind of every vlogger when they are not able to increase YouTube engagements on their channel. As a YouTuber, having people engage in your content usually takes more than creating a beautiful YouTube video. You always have to make sure that you observe and take additional procedures to get the engagement rate to increase. If you are still having a hard time with boosting your likes, dislikes, and shares on your videos, then hang on as we walk you through the steps that will help your efforts to pay off soon. Let’s get to it!

How to increase engagements on your YouTube videos

Here, we came up with some easy tips that will help you to start boosting the level of engagement on your channel within the shortest time frame. Let’s take a look below:

1. Your YouTube videos should have a card

If you’ve been on YouTube for a long, then it means that you already understand the importance of adding a card to your content. Most new users tend to ignore this part and that’s understandable. With YouTube cards, you can easily include a link to other videos and persuade your viewers to click on them. Here are the things you can promote with a YouTube card:

  • Playlist-promote card
  • Polls
  • Promoting another YouTube channel

2. Always add a thumbnails

Thumbnails are a huge part of uploading a YouTube video and you just ensure that you do not joke with them. Not just including a thumbnail, you must also ensure that you add relevant ones that will get your audience intrigued and have them click on your video. Again, it’s possible to add a custom thumbnail to your videos but that’s mostly done after you’ve had your YouTube account verified. All you need to do is complete your verification in just a few minutes.

3. Promote your videos

One of the safest and unarguably the fastest way to get your engagements to increase on YouTube is by promoting them. This way, you get more people to view, view, and view your video. In most cases, more views equal more likes, shares, and subscriptions. Find out the best way to implement YouTube video promotions and ensure that you’re doing it well. Some of the things that you can do to promote your video include:

  • Have your YouTube video link strategically embedded on your blogs or websites. When someone visits them to read or pick information, they will most likely get drawn to click on it

4. Give a call to action (CTA)

Being a YouTuber gives you an edge over other means of marketing. Here, you can directly ask your audience to take the action that you want from them. Are you looking to boost your likes, clicks, or shares? Ask them to do any of them by stating it. To encourage engagement, you can ask relevant questions or even create a poll for your subscribers; it works most of the time.


These are some of the key points to bear in mind while looking to improve engagements for your YouTube videos. Ensure that you put this information to good use, and see how massive your results will be!