Things You Should Know About Longspan Shelving

You have a vast storage space that you need to use. And you don’t have time to mess around with bulky and complex shelving systems. So what’s next? How can you maximize your space and optimize your investment?

You’re forced to do things hard because of your lack of time. That is until you get a hold of Longspan Shelving. Anyone can use this incredible shelving unit, and they’re as easy to put up as a bookshelf. Never worry about getting the shelving right because these units have potent magnets!

Longspan shelving is the most innovative, durable, and easily customizable shelving for your home. With our modular design, our shelves come in many sizes with various configurations, including single, double, or triple row shelf configurations to hold as much as your space will allow.

Let’s discuss more benefits of longspan shelving in further discussion.

Customized Shapes And Size options

Longspan shelving is the most popular shelving unit in the world. It is suitable for different shelf accessories and parts, such as TPR caster, base plate, square tube, round tube, four feet, and five feet. Customized shapes and size options are also available.

You can get customized shapes and size options, all with the same high quality you’ve expected, no matter how long or short your shelf may need to be. Ordering long-span shelving is easy and fast, but please contact us anytime if you have any special requirements or questions.

With longspan shelving, you can customize the shape of your shelf. Also, different size options can make your shelf fit perfectly into a particular corner or space. Longspan shelving comes in many different materials, too.

Customized Colors And Matchable Themes Options

The long-span shelving has different customized colors and matchable themes to decorate your home, and the spacious shelves can be used for any purpose according to your needs or choice.

Longspan shelving is the perfect way to store your belongings. Personalize your space with different colors and theme options, including espresso, white, black, etc. When you buy a long-span shelf from The Container Store, you can rest assured that they have been rigorously tested to meet safety standards.

Longspan shelving comes in powder-coated steel and aluminum for a finish you’ll love. Pick the color that matches your business, office, or home. And because our reliable shelving is made to withstand wear and tear, it will look good for years to come.

3 Layers Durable Shelving System

The 3 Layers Durable Shelving System gives long-span shelving the stability and strength you need to keep your items safe and in place. It includes two shelves, plus an upper layer that can hold up to 600 pounds. Access these shelves from all angles for easy access to your items, no matter where they are located on the rack.

The top shelf is fixed in place, providing additional storage space. The two side shelves can be adjusted to provide different heights of storage. The bottom shelf is the one that slides out to reach the entire length of the rack and then be pulled back into place when not needed.

This unique shelving system gives you a lot of flexibility whether you need to store heavy items or stack lightweight ones in one convenient location.