The Ultimate Guide on How to Collect FIFA 21 Coins

Everyone wants to have the best possible team in any way possible. To that end, it doesn’t take to be genius to figure out that you need a bunch of FIFA coins 21. It is a simple rule, the more you have, the higher your chances to create a highly competitive team.

The following tips and recommendations are considered a slum dunk for FUT Coins 21. Here’s how to accumulate a load of FUT 21 coins fast and easy. 

Play it smart with popular and high-rated players

This is particularly important for players that will have access to the game before its official launch, sometime late September. 

Assumingly you are lucky enough to get your hands on a popular or a high-rated player. However, try to resist the urge to sell it immediately. So yes, the price will probably be quite steep, and selling it will feel like doing the right thing. But don’t!

Wait until FIFA 2021 is officially released, and everyone is on board. The thing is, almost by default, the prices of such players increase as more people try to buy them. That can easily bring you an extra few thousand coins. And all you have to do is take your time.  

But then again, you shouldn’t wait for too long as their prices at one point will start to fall again. In the past, the optimal moment for making the top profit was a week or so after the game was fully released.

Don’t cling too much on consumables

Yes, you need consumables like chemistry styles, contracts, and all that. They are often essential to keep your club balanced. But at the same time, if you have a few extra, there is no point in keeping them around.

For example, if you own desirable position modifiers and/or gold squad fitness cards, you can bank a couple of thousand coins. 

Mind the golden rule – don’t buy gold packs

Every seriously competitive player swears by this rule. From the look of things, this will be very relevant in FIFA 2021 as well. 

The thing with gold packs is that the market is literarily saturated with gold packs. At any given moment, someone opens a gold pack someplace. As a result, they are practically worth nothing on the secondary market. 

Buy a gold pack, and you will be lucky if you recoup half of that.

Bronze and silver packs rule

Your safest bet is if you buy standard bronze and silver packs. The idea is to play the long game and not be tempted by instant gratification.

If you have a nice stash of coins, you can even try your luck with premium bronze and silver packs. The risk they bring is higher, but also the potential rewards. For example, if the two additional cards consist of players, your profits will be excellent. If instead, you hit badges or kits, you will take a small loss.

As a general rule, many smart players buy premium bronze and silver packs when they hit 100K or more on their account.