The Honor Watch GS Pro Wristwatch Features

The wristwatch has come a long way from solely telling time to telling your heart rate the weather. Honor watch GS pro tells both of the above and some more, with features compatible with the modern-day watch user’s needs. This article tells you everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated timepiece that was recently launched in the market.

The launch price of the honor GS pro is approximately $300. It is lightweight with a little over 45 grams. The smartwatch is of a fluoroprobe material.

Sensor Features

a. The smartwatch has a GPS

  • This feature gives locates you on a global navigation scale. This feature has helped solve murders by tracking the victim and knowing their exact location at the murder time.

b. It is equipped with features to help monitor the heart rate of the wearer.

  • This feature is helpful to those who are into workouts and fitness; you can settle on a specific frequency during exercises.

c. It monitors the oxygenated levels of blood.

  • This is an estimate of how much oxygen your muscles are receiving. Low blood oxygen levels mean you will tire quickly during exercises. The more you work out, the better the oxygen levels.Only 15% of smartwatches are equipped with this feature.

d. It comes with a barometer.

The honor watch GS pro can measure the air pressure at a given time. High barometric levels show a rise in air pressure, while the opposite means a fallen air pressure. A sudden drop on the barometric levels is usually an indication of an oncoming storm.

This feature can find the altitude if calibrated correctly, making GPS more accurate with an even quicker lock-in. This barometric feature makes the Honor watch even more unique as only 36% of smartwatches have the quality.

e. A compass

The compass gives one’s orientation in terms of cardinal points, i.e., north, west, east, and south.

f. An accelerometer

This is a device used for orientation sensing, the vertical or horizontal positioning of an object.

It is also used to record movements, e.g., counting strides when an individual work out.

g. The cadence sensor

The Honor Watch GS Pro comes with a cadence sensor, which is when a pedal revolves per minute during cycling. It is an indicator of the frequency at which you are pedaling; it could be fast or slow.

Design features

a. The watch is both water-resistant and dustproof.

Its water-resistance rating is 50 meters of depth. Water damage is the last desire of every electronic gadget’s owner. Even so, being water-resistant doesn’t mean the watch is waterproof. Don’t want to risk dunking it in water, or you may lose the entire functionality of the time-machine.

b. It has a touch screen.

The watch can be operated on by swiping across the screen, unlike with regular wristwatches.

c. Damage-resistant glass

Who wants to be walking around with a shattered watch screen? I bet you don’t. The Honor Watch GS Pro has a screen that is thin but can withstand strong forces.

Final Thoughts- A replaceable watch band

Imagine having the choice of pairing your timepiece with your outfit? Watches serve as much purpose as telling time as accessorizing your looks. The Honor Watch GS Pro gives you the freedom to customize and switch your watch bands. This feature is especially helpful for sporty people, during workouts and actual competitions.