The Best Paraffin Wax Treatments In Healthcare

Repetitive stress injuries because of prolonged hand movement like typing can cause inflammation. It may also cause discomfort to your hands and finger joints. Paraffin wax has progressively been used to help treat musculoskeletal issues affecting hands and feet. This is because of its great contact with the irregular contoured areas. Before looking at the paraffin wax price, take a look at many industries that use it for the treatments outlined below:

1. Paraffin wax manicure

Paraffin treatment is usually added to mani-pedis as a treatment. The warm treatment super hydrates the skin. It also soothes inflamed joints. The contents of the paraffin lock moisture in the nails. When removed, the result is soft, supple skin.

Undoubtedly, paraffin wax is also a perfect treatment for dry, rough skin around your finger and toenails. With a professional manicure, an expert can clean, shape, and then buff your nails. While this is a standard manicure procedure, with paraffin wax, soaking your hands with warm water soothes skin.

2. Paraffin wax bath

Paraffin wax bath is a therapy that entails the application of molten wax on your body. Usually, the temperature of the molten is maintained at 42 degrees. Its melting point is 55 degrees. When the wax is poured on your body part, it can cause a burn over the tissues.

Thus, to avoid this, impurities are added. That lowers the molten melting point. The mixture of paraffin and mineral oils has a certain specific heat that enhanced your tolerance for the paraffin better than when water is used for treatment.

Perhaps it is important to note that the composition of paraffin wax used for body wax bath needs to be proportional n the ratio of 2:1.

3. Paraffin wax for tendonitis

Also referred to as tendinitis, tendonitis is tendon inflammation. The health condition happens when you overuse your tendons in sports or other physical activities involving muscles. The result is an acute injury coupled with inflammation. Tendonitis affects the elbows, thighs, and wrist, among other body parts.

Treatment using paraffin wax is suggested to patients with tendonitis. During this treatment, your attendant will expose the affected areas to paraffin wax. It has to be in a melted state. The wax will cool down slowly as it relaxes the muscles of the patient. The heat generated from the wax treatment increased blood flow which helps to alleviate pain.

4. Paraffin wax and belly fat reduction

In the past, man relied on fire for heat and light. The smoke was not pleasant. The grease was even more disgusting. An individual discovered the use of beeswax as a more desired alternative. Today, the product is used to manufacture beeswax. A paraffin wax bath is used to induce perspiration. If you indulge in the bath, your body is covered in a weight-reduction treatment of wax. The result is removing the unwanted layers of fat from the belly.

Final Thoughts

Paraffin wax has a substantial capacity to retain heat. Therefore, it can absorb high temperatures for some time. Paraffin wax therapy utilizes this fact to its advantage. That is why the heat-retaining capacity is useful in treating pain through heat transfer.