RK3588 SBC & It’s Characteristics

The function of an rk3588 sbc is to perform as an interconnector between networks and their carrier services. It allows the authorized sessions only to cover the linking points or borders. An SBC is responsible for monitoring the status of quality services for each session, it also ensures that the callers get the best communication services. It’s also responsible for ensuring the priorities of emergency calls, and the accuracy and speed of their delivery.  An SBC can function as a firewall for session traffics by utilizing its QoS regulations and recognizing distinctive incoming threats that can damage the communications environment.

This article can highlight the several characteristics of SBC, along with its importance in our daily life. You can also get here the recommendation of one of the holistic computing solutions that can provide you with the best SBC solution that can meet your needs.

Session Border Control Characteristics

A session border controller (SBC) is an excellent device to govern the technique in which phone calls are instigated. Check out its various characteristics from the points below.

  1. An SBC is responsible for securing application servers and a core SIP network. It also provides server interworking by functioning as a back-to-back user agent (B2BUA). It can skillfully terminate each session and then can also re-establishing it.
  2. SBCs can effectively implement Access Control Lists (ACLs). It can also rate limits to prevent DDOS attacks at the time of parsing messages, and this way it can eradicate malformed packet exploits.
  3. It can process each SIP header and payload, like Session Description Protocol (SDP), and apply complicated rules to alter message elements and allow interworking.
  4. Along with the signaling message processing, SBC can also control all media traffic, in the specific form of RTP through which it can secure media flows and can apply transcoding as well.
  5. Through SBC implementations, the media components and signaling processes can be decoupled and can also be functioned as individual network elements.
  6. The SBC implementations, can enable each application to be cited in its most appropriate physical network shield like access or edge for media and core for operating signals and allow each function to operate skillfully and independently.

Importance Of SBC

An SBC can offer you many advantages, check out the list-wise advantages that you can relish through an SBC usage:


Security is counted as one of the most essential benefits that an SBC can offer to its customers. It’s capable to monitor traffic and can safeguard against dangers like DDoS attacks. Additionally, it can create continual patches, that can be helpful in providing an extra security coating.


An SBC can give you relief from unusual activities. It can operate a pattern recognition to banner any unusual activity. Through which you can easily detect issues or certain attacks.


Through the SBC application on your device, your connectivity will get more stable. It can regulate multiple protocols to connect and communicate with each other. After applying SBC, phone traffic gets routed through various internal IP networks, which can enable the calls to get routed faster and can continue without interruption.

Rockchip RK3588 SBC

While Session Border Controllers were typically designed as custom hardware appliances, contemporary computing solution providers have presently implemented them as software elements as well. Rockchip RK 3588 SBC is an example of such an innovative design that is prepared specifically as a typical Rockchip variation. They are durable and portable and are also accessible with easy operation.


The Geniatech computing solution product and service provider useful products to its customers which can satisfy their needs. Rockchip RK 3588 SBC offered by Geniatech has created a wide range of consumer demands. It provides various useful benefits to its buyers including security, relief from unusual activities, effective and wide range of connectivity, and many more.