Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Bathtubs And Modern Showers

Today’s bathroom renovations are influenced by tastemakers who are rewriting the rules by blurring various lines between contemporary and refined, classic, and retro look. Bathtub Australia breaks down the wisdom into some of the best inspirational products- from the modern 3-D tiles to unique, stylish surfaces and then minimalist must-haves for every homeowner. This article highlights all the required tools architects and homeowners need to make a viable splash. After reading through, you can find perfect bathtubs and modern showers for your upcoming building project through the community marketplace for construction products.

As an integral part of our lives, showers and bathtubs may be taken for granted as primary design objects. But, with detailed designs and top maintenance routines, they often serve as a significant oasis for relaxation-this warrants proper selection. In order to uncover various critical considerations for incorporating bathtubs as well as showers in your designing projects, we checked out some of the renowned bathroom brands, including Grohe and the American Standard style. With both tubs and showers, we often like to work with a trained architect as soon as the project begins. But in reality, the timeline, which usually unfolds highly, depends on the type of project we are handling.

Bathtubs And Modern Showers

Residential And Commercial Projects

With residential- hotels, fully-furnished apartments, and multi-family homes, our products are largely incorporated as a primary part of the package during the conceptual stage. A plumbing expert in engineering validates fixtures, fittings, as well as systems. In the commercial sector, such as offices and hospitals, products will be selected by the appointed plumbing engineer. An essential factor to remember is the fact that if you begin planning your bathroom and shower renovation early enough, you will be capable of building a reliable water consumption system that can serve many consumers longer.

That said, choosing a bathtub is a vital decision you will have to make in life because of the space it consumes as well as the materials it uses. Particular parts of a bathtub should be installed prior to the finishing of the room. Here, the first thing you should consider as an architect is the application. Find out if it is for a commercial or residential home. If it is a residential bathroom project, you should include a modern bathtub such as the corner or freestanding units.  

There are three main bathtubs you can consider at this point;

  • Drop-In Bathtubs– as the name suggests, a drop-in bathtub refers to a tub that’s dropped into a structure that can surround it. Such tubs have a rim around its top to easily fasten it to the frame at the top. The tub can be tiled or made of other materials such as porcelain and acrylic. Drop-in tubs are popular because of their low cost and variety of shapes.
  • Sunken Bathtubs– Just as it sounds, a sunken bathtub is dropped on the floor rather than being secured on it. Its outer profile is hidden, thereby leaving a rim exposed. If your ideal bathroom design comprises modern touches, then this bathtub is an element you should include.
  • Corner Bathtubs-Corner tubs have a luxurious look. They are large enough to accommodate two or more people. They also come with Jacuzzi like features making them an ideal relaxation option.  
Bathtubs And Modern Showers

In Closing- Make It Extraordinary

When designing bathrooms, it’s pretty easy to forget the fact that there are a variety of bathtubs. Consider incorporating a freestanding bathtub at the focal point of your client’s bathroom, coupled with a centerpiece that can be admired from various sides. As we have listed various types of designs of bathtubs, the collection features impeccable bathtubs by designers devoted to thinking outside the box by making good use of their imagination to come up with unconventional materials for excellent bathroom designs.