Pros and cons of a copper heatsink

Heatsinks can come in extremely handy these days, especially when their main purpose is to divert heat from one source to the next. Not only does it allow for smoother running of the CPU, but it also means that you can get rid of extra heat that you might be suffering from when trying to work on your assignments, trying to make a PowerPoint, or trying to game at longer hours.

Considering there are several types of heatsinks, many can work very well compared to other types of heatsinks. You can use countless methods when trying to figure out the type of heatsink you would want to buy, and take in mind how many types there are; you should be extremely careful when trying to figure out what type you would like.

These days, a copper heat sink is pretty popular, as there can be different benefits and disadvantages that come packed with a copper heat sink. People can also often use aluminum heat sinks when trying to go for a different approach. But, in this article, we will take a deeper dive into how copper heat sinks can work splendidly and how they can be a nuisance to use.

With that being said, let’s get started!


Now that we have talked a bit about what copper heat sinks are and how they operate, we will look at some of the benefits that they can essentially provide for you and how they can work amazingly.


One of the biggest benefits of using a copper heat sink that many people will not realize is that it is extremely cheap compared to aluminum or steel heat sinks. As copper can be found and then mass-produced very easily, it makes it very easy to source the raw materials needed to produce a copper heat sink.

Since the industry can do mass production and sourcing easily and copper is not rare at all, the average value of copper in terms of money can be brought down by a lot. Therefore, consumers can easily buy copper heat sinks with ease without the fear that they will run out.

Heat spreader

Another major benefit of owning a copper heat sink is that it can act as an excellent heat spreader, meaning that, as compared to other types of heat sinks, it can effectively spread heat from one source to the next.


Too conductive

One of the major cons of using a copper heat sink is that it is too conductive as a material, meaning that although it can dissipate heat very quickly, unfortunately, that also means that it can take it in too much as well, which can, in turn, cause the heat sink to overheat, which is never a good idea.


So to say, should you buy a copper heat sink? The answer lies in your personal needs and preferences, meaning whether you want to buy a cheaper heat sink, then yes, you should buy a copper heat sink. However, make sure to keep in mind the disadvantages that can come with it too.