Key Features of Taobao Shopping Platform

Taobao is a well-established e-commerce site based in China that offers a wide variety of products worldwide. Buyers can assess the sellers through the information given on the site, like reviews and ratings. Taobao site has unique features that set it apart from other websites and increase its sales. In this extract, we look at the features of the Taobao shopping platform.

Features of Taobao Shopping Platform

1. Picture Search Engine

While shopping, you may come across an item you want, but the price more than you’re willing to spend. You may opt to import due to the reduced cost but getting the exact item like that in the physical store is a challenge. This is where Taobao’s picture search engine comes in.

It allows you to take a photo of the item from the mobile app, and Taobao displays products that match your photo. The prices are shown, and you can compare them to the previous one. This feature attracts many international buyers as they are sure of receiving exactly what they ordered.

2. Chat/ Message Feature

In this shopping website, every user must have an account to access the offered services. Buying products from a walk-in store allows you to pose questions to the seller concerning the item, which is usually difficult with most online shops.

In Taobao, buyers can talk to the sellers and have their questions answered in seconds. A message icon is usually available on the products page, and clicking on it enables you to start a conversation. Sellers can send you a couple of general questions frequently asked on the site, and when you tap on one, the answer is displayed on the screen.

3. Trackable System

Every product purchased from this platform, once shipped, can be tracked all the way, no matter the delivery service used. The shipping agent can know exactly how far gone the package is and when it will be delivered to the buyer.

Once a package has reached its destination, a push notification is sent to the customer for pick up. Recently, Taobao has made it easier for customers to monitor their packages through the app. Tapping the ‘tracking’ icon leads them to a map showing the goods’ location and the estimated delivery date.

4. Product Remarketing

The website remarkets itself by using your search history to remember every item you’ve viewed before. The products are displayed on your homepage, including other similar ones that you may like. By recommending the products to you, chances are you might end up buying more items than you had planned.

5. Payment Via Alipay

Alipay is a payment system in China that makes it safe for users to pay for goods online or offline. You can use the account in restaurants and shops to pay for services or purchase items. The greatest benefit of Alipay is that no fees are charged when used within the China region unless you have large transactions. It is a fast and convenient way to pay for anything.

Final Words

Taobao functions like other online shopping sites, but it is popular due to its features, specifically tailored to meet the users’ needs. It has transformed China’s country and has opened up business by promoting international trade with other countries.