How to Clean a Hand Shower Head Effortlessly

You love amazing shower experiences especially after a stressful day. It’s extremely therapeutic.

Shower heads basically come in two forms- coverage and pressure. Coverage shower heads are designed to spread water evenly and generously on wider areas of the body, while pressure shower heads dwell on forcefully releasing water.

There are also two shower head mounts- ceiling mounts and wall mounts. In the conventional system, ceiling mounts often go with coverage shower heads, while wall mounts often go with pressure shower heads.

With the advent of technology and innovation, there was a need for comfort, functionality, and versatility. Thus, the hand shower head was born.

It is one of the most versatile items you will ever come across. Apart from the ease when switching from handheld to traditional shower heads, there are lots of other benefits associated with getting a hand shower head.

You can use it to wash kids and pets, fill up containers, clean showers or bath tubs, and wash hidden corners.

But what happens when it begins to spread water in different directions or release flow very slowly?

The major cause of this is the mineral deposit that has accumulated for a long time. We’ll look at different ways we can both clean and maintain our hand shower head so that we get value for our money.


a. Use a scrubber sponge to wipe away dry debris from the holes as much as you can. You may be asking, “why should I scrub first? The vinegar should remove everything”

Look at this stage as the prepping stage. You’re removing the dry debris so that the tougher debris can be handled.  

b. Make a solution of water and vinegar. Ensure they are of equal composition (the solution should be about a cup), and then transfer it to a plastic bag

c. Place the bag in such a way that the holes in the showerhead are immersed in the vinegar solution. Tie the bag to secure it.

d. Leave it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. This gives enough time to loosen all stuck-in minerals.

e. Finally, remove the bag. Then use a clean rag to wipe away the loosened debris. Place the shower head under hot running water and rinse.

Once you do all these, you’re good to go.


It’s not just enough to get your hand shower head flowing freely, you also have to ensure that other components are checked as well, to help improve or sustain your shower experience. Here are some ways you can improve your shower experience:

a. Fix the clogged drain

What can be more devastating than stagnant water in your shower?

Use a plunger to clear blocked drainages in the pipe. Just make sure you remove the cover first because it might be hard for you to work with the cover on.

b. Wipe away mild dew from surfaces

This starts with adequate ventilation and then using a spray cleaner to wipe the tiles.