Getting the Right Tools for your Human Hair Wig

Do you feel like your human hair wigs never seem to last? No one is alone in feeling the above-stated sentiment. A lot of times, this does not imply negligence. A person might care for his or her wig the best way they know. But to get your human hair wig sparkling, it needs to be cared for “the right way”.

But what exactly does “right way” mean and what does it involve? This article will be briefly shedding light on this. As we all know, a human hair wig is more delicate than a synthetic wig. This means that it requires a bit more care. What tools would be most effective in keeping your human hair wig sparkling?

What Tools are Best to Keep Your Human Hair Wig Sparkling?

The first thing we will discuss is less of a tool and more of a tip. Take proper “after action” care of the wig. So, whenever the wigs are worn, carry out slight maintenance when they are taken off. Nothing too extreme is required. Just air it out if it was a hot day.

Hang it up or properly put it away. Just leaving it lying around could affect the stitches in the lace or inner cap. This is essential if the lifespan of the wig is to be extended to its fullest extent. Don’t just hang it anywhere so that the closure is not damaged.

1. Shampoo

Ensure that the wigs are washed periodically. How often should they be washed? How often does one wash their natural hair? Find that out, then how often to wash the wig will no longer be an issue.

However, if one feels that they have had a busy day and that the wig is sufficiently dirty, then by all means. Washing the hair too frequently will cause it to break more than it should. This is the case for human hair wigs especially.

2. Conditioner

After shampooing, it would be better to condition and moisturize some wigs styles. This is especially the case for Brazilian hair bundles and curled hairstyles. This is because after being shampooed they might become excessively dry.

At times (in the case of curls), they could change shape. This is where we observe some curls straightening out before their due time. So be careful with how the hair wig is treated.

3. The Hair Dryer

This is an absolute necessity in caring for wigs. The dryer makes sure that the wig dries properly after being treated. The presence of unnecessary moisture could make it more prone to fungal activity. But if it is a synthetic wig, then the hand dryer is off the table.

So always ensure to properly dry out the wig before storing it. Do not pack or store it while it is still moist.

Similarly, do not forget to frequently comb and straighten out the wig. This will keep tangling at bay.


With these tips, one gets to properly keep their human hair wigs sparkling as long as possible. Summarily, a person should treat their human hair wig the same way they treat their natural hair.