Four Ways of Caring For Your Artificial Plant

Artificial Plants are man-made plant clones, meant to substitute real plants while adding beauty and color to a particular place. These plants are made of different cloth materials and can come in different sizes and forms like, trees, flowers, cacti, and succulents, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Caring for these plants does not require many hassles, as compared to real natural plants.

This article highlights tips that can help in caring for your artificial plants, to give the plant a fresh, clean, and colorful look while adding more beauty to your home.

Factors That Can Affect Artificial Plants

Though these plants are not like natural plants, their appearance and lifespan can be affected by certain factors. The China Artificial Plants Supplier identified some of these factors to be:

  1. Dust: This is the most common of all the factors. Judging by the fact that the plant is made of cloth, it has a high tendency to attract dust, giving the plant an unpleasant look.
  2. Sunlight: Exposing Artificial plants to direct sunlight could prove detrimental to the plants’ color. Bear in mind that the plants’ colors on the cloth consist of chemicals that can react differently when exposed to ultra-violet rays. Thus affecting the beauty and appearance of these plants.
  3. Water: It is important to consider the material an artificial plant is made of when positioning it. Some materials of these plants do not fare well under excess water which could result in their color fading.

Important Items Used In Caring For Artificial Plants

These materials if used properly can ensure that your artificial plants maintain a clean and beautiful appearance over time. They include:

  • A pair of Disposable Gloves: These are worn on the hands throughout the cleaning process.
  • Cotton buds/Paintbrush: These allow for thorough cleaning of the plants, especially for dirt found in tight and narrow areas of the plant.
  • Microfiber cloth/Feather Duster: Used to clean the open regions of the plants.
  • Vacuum cleaner/Hair drier: This tool is used carefully and only when recommended. It either blows or sucks off the dirt from the plant.

Four Tips For Caring For Artificial Plants

Below are expert tips on how to care for your artificial plants without causing any damage to them.

  1. Make a habit of cleaning your plants regularly, at least once every week. This prevents dust from accumulating.
  2. You can wash the plant a couple of times a year, depending on the material with which the plant is made.
  3. When positioning these plants, you should consider the ultra-violent ray factor. Hence, avoid placing the plants where they can come in direct contact with sunlight to avoid discoloration and fading. Check the label on the plat to know if the plant is Ultra-violent resistant.
  4. Change the plants’ position from time to time to slow the rate of fading.


Artificial plants help to add beauty and color to a place, but only when cared for correctly. The steps highlighted above are the safest and easiest ways to ensure your plants maintain a ‘fresh from the garden’ appeal. Hence, allowing the plants to serve for longer periods while still looking colorful and beautiful.