Durable manual RF enclosures For Industries

Quality Assurance Test Boxes

The manual pneumatic RF shielding enclosures are designed to save money while testing wireless gadgets in the industries. These boxes give a wonderful test environment for Bluetooth tests and wireless tests. The appearance of the manual RF enclosures is appealing while giving ample space to carry out operations. These chambers are highly customizable, allowing buyers to demand their own requirements when ordering the product. Moreover, adding and modifying the features won’t hinder the product’s quality at all.

More Details On The Capacity Of Manual RF Enclosures

These are double-decker clamshell boxes. The pneumatic RF shield boxes have a frequency tolerance from 0.8GHz to 6GHz. There’s a motherboard attached to the lower cell and a DUT to the upper cell. All the tests are carried out in a sealed environment, eliminating the possibility of leakage of any possible radiation that might be emitted from the gadgets while testing.

While most shielded chambers demand a large storage space in the industry, they also are bought at a higher price. On the contrary, these boxes are relatively cheaper and demand less space; hence becoming ideal for modern industries where ground space holds utmost importance.

Common Features Of These Quality Assurance Test Box

These are called quality assurance test boxes as they allow industries to conduct wireless gadgets testing so that users get top-notch quality products. Some common features of these boxes are discussed below:

  1. Controllable through a wireless remote control Rs-232
  2. There are separate indication lights of red and green color for test failure and test success respectively.
  3. This box comes with a universal I/O connector plate to ensure compatibility with most devices for communication.
  4. The pneumatic air cylinder is made of stainless steel that promises top-notch build quality
  5. This is a shielding box, capable of controlling high-frequency radiations, which can possibly cause a potential radiation hazard.
  6. To ensure perfect shielding, the open/close lid is designed with utmost focus. There’s no possibility for leakage from the open-close lid.

Custom Demands Are Welcomed

In addition to the features discussed above, customers still looking for custom demands are welcomed. They can ask for different sizes, capacities, colors, and changes in appearance as well. The box is designed in such a manner that it can undergo changes while still promising the same output. Moreover, adding new features won’t add too much to the budget. This means that the box will still be affordable, so buyers can quote their custom features without hesitation.

Manual RF Enclosures Applicability

These boxes are best-suited to conduct testing of any wireless products communicating on 2.GHz and 5GHz frequency. These include Wi-Fi routers, modems, chargers, earphones, POS machines, LAN cards, car remote controls, RFID, etc.

Most GPS-enabled products can be tested as well such as CDMA, WCDMA, 5G, LTE, GSM, 3G, etc. Mobile phones, GPS devices, and RC drones are testable too. Any smart water meter, electric meters, temperature sensors, heat sensors and other IoT devices can be tested.

Industries related to the manufacturing of smart devices such as smart wearables, TVs, set-top boxes, smart locks, robots, security systems, etc. can test their products hassle-free.