Cocktail Dresses- What You Should Wear To a Cocktail Party

In Case you’re confused, note that cocktail attire refers to a formal type of clothing that’s used mostly for celebratory purposes. We have cocktail dresses that are a lot more casual than what you wear to your office. If someone is invited to an event when you’re expected to turn up in a Robe de cocktail, then you must do just as the invitation requested.

So, what you should do and shouldn’t do while you prepare to go for your cocktail party? Find out below!

Cocktail Dresses – Dos and Don’ts

The following are important things to bear in mind about cocktail dresses:

1. Avoid short dresses. Watch the hemline if your dress

A cocktail party isn’t the regular night out you do with your friends. Do not make the mistake of confusing them both. Avoid putting on dresses that are transparent, skimpy, and “sexy” and can bring unwarranted attention to you. Also, do watch the hemline of your and be sure that they do not disappear.

2. Don’t wear large gowns that may trail out. Do wear midi sized gowns

Do your best to avoid pulling off a Cinderella outfit at the venue. It’s even worse if the gown tends to trail out. The perfect dress for a cocktail party is a midi sized one, especially if you feel uncomfortable wearing shorter ones.

3. Don’t Wear Jeans. You Can Wear Trousers

Usually, most people feel more comfortable wearing jeans, but that doesn’t mean that you should put them in place of cocktail dresses. Since they aren’t classified under the casual clothing category mentioned above, you shouldn’t in any case, consider it an option.

Rather, you can try pairing elegant trousers with a chiffon blouse. You can also wear pumps, necklace, or moderate makeup; very simple, yet classy!

4. Don’t Lift Big Bags. Use a Clutch

A lot of the time, women make a subconscious decision to carry only heavy bags out. This is mainly for convenience and energy. But while out at a cocktail party, you must try your best to avoid it as it doesn’t make a perfect fashion item at the moment.

One accessory that can serve as your best bet at a point like that is a clutch. In case you feel like you need to store things in your bag, you can keep the big handbag in your car and then go back to them whenever you want. The most important items you need should be kept in the clutch.

5. Don’t Wear Flip-Flops. Wear Heels or Even Platforms

Most of us will go with flip-flops as they tend to be more comfortable at all times. However, you shouldn’t wear them to a cocktail party. Gladiators, boots, flat sandals, and its likes shouldn’t get into the party too. You can make do with wedges, heels, pumps, as they are perfect for such events.


If you’ve been getting invites to cocktail parties but have had issues with choosing the perfect outfit, then this read is for you! Cocktail attires can be gotten used to, but with much practice and patience. Listed above, are the basic things you should know about dressing up for a cocktail party!