Best Tips to Improve Your Air Purifier Lifespan

Owning an air purifier for smoke might be one thing in your house but having that purifier for a long time is another thing. As a responsible owner of an air purifier for a smoke, you need to be concerned about its condition and maintenance. To get the best out of your purifier, you need to accustom yourself to a number of practices. Practising these tips will not only enhance your purifier’s performance but also increase its lifespan. Read this guide to get the best advice on maintaining and getting the best out of your air purifier for smoke.

Filter Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your air purifier is one of the main pillars of long life to your air purifier. Proper maintaining and servicing of the purifier ensure that the air purifier is working effectively. To maintain means, you need to run regular checks on your filters. You are advisable you change the filters once they wear out. If the filters haven’t worn out, it is good to clean them as recommended by the manufacturer.

Proper Placement of the Air Purifier

Some experts argue that placing your air purifier at the centre increases efficiency. According to recent tests and research that have been done, it is not recommended for you to set your air purifier very close to the wall. For it to work optimally, put it close to the source of the smoke. Obstruction of the air purifier [by walls or curtains will reduce the effectiveness of the purifier. This will mean the purifier will stagger or struggle in working hence decreasing the performance and lifespan of the air purifier.

Close the Door While Running the Air Purifier

Every purifier is designed to serve a specific size of a room. If you leave your room open, it means extra pollutants and air flowing in. This might cause the purifier to overwork, reducing the efficiency. More pollutants will also tell you are replacing the filters for short periods. Replacing filters for short periods increases the chances of your purifier wearing in a short period. However, experts recommend that when you open doors and windows, you should turn your purifier off. Closing the doors and windows might cause and stimulate the development of mould.

Competition from Other Devices

Placing your air purifier near other devices that work the same way or closely the same way as the air purifier will pose completion. A good example is a humidifier or dehumidifier; these devices compete for the same air if placed close to another.


Experts recommend that you should not place any gadget in wet places. Placing your air purifier in a humid area or place will mean wetting the purifier. If the purifier is kept moist, the filters will get cloggy and sometimes they may end up rusting and not working effectively. It is therefore not a good idea for you to place your near showers or in the kitchen. You might not want your purifier to be a source of pollutants instead of getting rid of this kind of pollutants.