Are vapes worse than cigarettes?

It can be incredibly hard for some people to break the hold that cigarette smoking has on them. A person who has maintained a smoking habit consistently for more than five years alternative to cigarette smoking may be harder than one would think. After a rigorous study carried out by Ernst & Young, it was shown that vaping liquids are much safer compared to cigarettes. There is also a second benefit to vaping: vaping devices and liquids are cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. Thus, finding a quality supplier who can deliver high-quality vapes at a discounted rate is critical. It is, therefore, essential to research the reputation of a vaping solutions provider before doing business with them.

Why vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes: benefits of vaping

  • Vaping is not as addictive as smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain much higher nicotine levels than vapes. Thus it is quite hard for people to quit smoking them. In many countries, there are laws against having nicotine inside of vaping liquids. Conveniently, this works for the good of the vape user since they will be able to stop vaping at any point in time without going through the withdrawal symptoms usually associated with cigarette smoking.
  • Vaping allows users to select from a wide variety of flavors. Many cigarette smokers hate the taste of the cigarette. In many cases, cigarette smokers are left with the aftertaste of nicotine and ash in their mouths. Contrary to this, vaping allows one to enjoy varieties of tasty flavors. There is a flavor for everyone, and you can always get something you enjoy.
  • Vaping does not contain numerous harmful chemicals, such as those found in cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes come complete with an array of highly toxic and dangerous chemicals inside them, including arsenic, cyanide, and ammonia. An extended period of exposure to such devastating elements can have a profoundly negative effect on the lungs and body of the smoker. Vaping liquids are a lot safer and are a recommended option. The chemicals in vape juices are approved by the FDA and lesser in number than those found in traditional cigarettes. Even so, it always advisable to check the ingredients of any vaping liquid before use; high quality is essential.
  • It is more convenient. These days, it is hard for cigarette smokers to whip out a cigarette and light up just anywhere in public. Urban and even rural areas have implemented strict laws about the setting up of smoking zones for tobacco smokers. Vaping is not affected by any of these laws. Vaping machines are also cleaner and do not produce harsh odors and second-hand smoke. This means that you can vape anywhere in public without interfering with anyone else’s air quality.
  • Vaping is cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes – everyone wants to save some money in any way they can, especially in these hard economic times. Starting with vaping may be slightly expensive at first, but it will lead to money savings in the long run. Once you buy a vaping pod, it’s only the vaping liquid that you you will keep purchasing once in a while.


Vaping is safer and cheaper compared to the highly destructive and expensive habit of cigarette smoking. Vapes also let you pick from a variety of flavors.