All you need to know about the ASUS battery

A determining factor when choosing a laptop is the battery. If you are planning to use your laptop regularly, then you would know that a simple battery failure can limit you and the work you would like to do.

This article would focus on one of the best laptop brands out there- ASUS. You will get to know more about ASUS batteries known as ASUS batterie A32-k72.

The ASUS battery life and cycle.

ASUS batteries are usually made with lithium-ion and lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan of about 300-500 cycles. If these batteries are properly used, after 300 charging cycles, they can still deliver about 80% of their capacity.

When your ASUS battery regularly heats up, this could result in 70% or more loss in its capacity. Other things can affect the battery life which includes its systems design, the temperature of the environment, the number of times the battery is charged and discharged, or the model of the laptop.

They all affect how well the battery performs.

Maintenance of the ASUS battery

Stop plugging and unplugging the battery to extend the battery’s lifespan

For regular maintenance, always store the battery at a temperature of about 10°c to 30°c. you must know that the internal temperature of the ASUS battery is higher than the temperature of the environment. If the temperature is to go below this, it would lead to a decrease in the performance of the battery.

if there is an increase in temperature, it could lead to a battery explosion.

This means that the battery pack should not be stored in a cold or damp environment. A damp environment could increase the battery’s discharge rate because the chemical ingredients could degrade. It should also not be placed near any source of heat such as a stove, fireplace because it could lead to an explosion of the battery, leakage of chemical fluids, or start a fire.

Extending the life of the ASUS battery.

To enjoy your battery properly, ASUS provides you with 4 different power management modes. If your laptop is in DC mode, your laptop would automatically be in a battery saving mode which would extend your battery life. However, you can do the following:

Reduce the brightness of your system. Limit the processor’s performance by adjusting the settings to the minimum processor state. When processor activity is reduced, power consumption is reduced as well.

Whenever hardware components are not in use, it is better you turn them off. This also applies to applications that you are not using. Also, if you make use of applications that do not require network access, it is better to put your wireless network off.

The auto power-saving mode can be activated to reduce the consumption of the battery.

You should note that when you change the processor state of your system, it could affect the system performance so it is advised you use the default setting of whichever power mode you choose to use.