A Priority Checklist When Buying the USB C to A Quick Charging Cable

A USB C to A quick charging cable features a USB C connector on one side and a type-A connector on the other end. These cables are common with earlier smartphones or Apple models with Type-A connectors, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of USB-C cables even with incompatible devices. Are you wondering where to buy these cables? You need to go here (at the Ugreen website) for the best quality USB C to A quick charging cables. In addition to that, you need to know what to weigh to buy the best USB C to A quick charging cable.

A list of things to prioritize when buying a USB C to A quick charging cable

You are probably excited about buying a quality cable from a reliable store. However, considering a few factors allows you to feel content on the cable you settle on. Nobody wants to make a wrong choice just because they are in a hurry. Below are factors to consider whenever you decide to choose the best USB C to A quick charging cable.


One of the top elements you should consider when buying a quick charge USB C to A cable is compatibility. Not every cable will work with your device. Some are exclusively designed for Apple devices, while others are for flagship smartphone brands. There are also cables specially constructed for tablets, PCs, and computers. While some cables claim universal compatibility, this is not always the case. For a USB C to A cable, you need a phone with a USB A connector. Using the cable on an incompatible device is a recipe for disaster.


Note that just because a cable is compatible with your device does not make its connection 100% perfect. You need a cable that can maintain a stable and safe connection. Any device that does not offer this will stress you out. For instance, when transferring data, an insecure connection will keep interrupting the process and make it last longer. A cable with an insecure connection may also ruin your gadget’s battery.

Power output or charging current

The power output determines how fast the cable can charge your device. For instance, you need a high power output for a USB C to A quick charge cable. Some sellers will stick the “quick charge” title on their products when they do not deliver fast charging. Therefore, you can tell how fast the cable chargers are by checking their power output. Always go for a cable with a charging current of around 2.4 A to 3 A. The highest possible charging current is usually 3.1 A.


The materials from which the cables are manufactured are also worth looking into. The best materials will ensure the durability and effective functionality of the cables. However, cables made with top-quality materials may be slightly costly.


Choosing the right cable can transform your charging experience. It can also last for a long time. Therefore, it would be wise to take your time to ensure you make the right choice. Ugreen has multiple USB C to A quick charging cables to choose from.