A Look At The Best Bathroom Vanities To Consider Purchasing In 2019

A bathroom vanity is known to be the focal point of every stylish bathroom you have seen. This implies that without one, a bathroom would not be much of one. In case you are just starting a renovation project aimed at designing your bathroom, you should consider exploring some of the best bathroom vanities as outlined in this article.

  • Traditional Bathroom Vanity That Has A Coffee Finishing

This traditional bathroom vanity is one of the best options available in different renovating markets. It has a wooden countertop coupled with a storage cabinet beneath. Apart from that, it comes with a vessel sink. It’s also gigantic enough to help you with your storage needs. Besides, if you are a make-up lover, this traditional bathroom vanity has sufficient storage space.

  • Gracie Oaks Bathroom Vanity

Gracie Oaks bathroom vanity is made of oak wood, just as the name suggests. Other than that, it also has traces of oak plywood coupled with ash veneer. This provides it with some cool texture. You shall also love the fact that the bathroom vanity is hand applied using different layers of stains in addition to a topcoat that will help in preventing peeling and fading.

  • RonBow Calabria Bathroom Vanity

Ronbow Calabria bathroom vanity is a high-end bathroom vanity. It has a solid countertop that contrasts with the durable base. Apart from that, the vanity table has a stone top that offers a stain-resistant surface. In case you drop your make-up scrubber on the tabletop, the surface will retain its original look. Besides, this bathroom vanity also has a pre-drilled surface that spread widely onto the faucet holes.

Bathroom Vanities
  • Design House Bathroom Vanity

If you are one of those individuals who are delving into an urgent remodeling project, then this is the right bathroom vanity for you. Design House Vanity is an affordable bathroom vanity that can easily invest in, of course. Other than having a wooden finish that can spruce your bathroom, it comes with different sizes, as well. Be sure to invest in one that will fit into your bathroom.

  • Gooding Bathroom Vanity Set

 Gooding bathroom vanity set creates an ambiance that you will like to have in your bathroom. It’s stylish and modern in ways that will end up sprucing the look of your bathroom. Other than that, you will like its mature beauty coupled with the quartz countertop that has a refined luxe.


A bathroom vanity adds value to your bathroom. The unique furniture will allow you to store the items you need to use immediately after taking a shower. Other than that, you can also use it a storage cabinet for items that you will use later on in the day. Since vanities come in various sizes and types, you also need to be familiar with some of the best brands, as presented by this article.