7 Queries To Ask Before Purchasing A Smart TV Box

The smart TV boxes come in different sizes, shapes, weights, and specifications. They are also available to all countries in the world, not just limited to one. While surfing online, you will find that there are very many Smart TV boxes from different online sites. There are some, such as the evpad canada which is the best in terms of quality. There are also those which are of low quality. The many TV boxes in the market can make it challenging to select the best. This post will help you in determining the type of questions to ask before purchasing a Smart TV box.

7 Questions to ask before purchasing a Smart TV box

1. What is the output resolution?

Low output resolution symbolizes low-quality media. High-resolution TV boxes will ensure you get high-quality media. One of the best output resolutions in the market is Full HD 1080P @ 60 fps and 4Kx2K.

2. What is the performance level?

A Smart TV box relies on the CPU for processing power. Most CPU of smart TV boxes in the market are usually made from ARM Cortex-processors. Those made of eight-core processors usually have a high-level performance. Also, a RAM of 4GB and a ROM of 128 GB allows for increased performance levels.

3. Can the Smart TV box support external storage?

Asking whether a Smart TV box can support external storage is an essential question to ask. Some Smart TV boxes have a slot that allows you to install the hardware directly. 

4. How is the operation process?

The process of operating a Smart TV box is a good query to ask. The operation process for a Smart TV box should be quite simple. It should not be difficult to operate, such that if you open an app, you cannot go back to where you want. Easy and simple to use should be a key target.

5. What content does the Smart TV box offer?

While purchasing a Smart TV box, it would be best to aim for one that offers maximum enjoyment. Inquiring into the content offered is essential. The best Smart TV box available in the market offers over a thousand channels, and it also allows for live streaming.

6. Where to purchase the Smart TV box?

When you are surfing online, you will discover that there are very many sellers. It would help if you researched the sellers by reading the reviews or making inquiries about the TV box before making any payment.

7. The price of the Smart TV box

On matters of the cost, you need to enquire about the current cost. Also, ask if other charges may arise, such as the monthly charges or any maintenance cost. The question on maintenance cost is whether the upgrade of firmware is free or at a cost. One of the best Smart TV boxes in the market requires payment only once with no monthly costs. Also, the costs of firmware upgrades should be free.


Given that there are many smart TV boxes in the market, making the above inquiries will help get the TV box with the exact specifications you want. Never shy from asking these eccenstial questions; they will help you get the best Smart tv box.