5 Ways to go from 1 to 100 Followers on Twitter

Beginning from scratch can be a daunting task. At the same time, staring at the barrel of just about five Twitter followers can be depressing. What if you were told that you could get 100 Twitter followers by optimizing a few twitter strategies? Well, there are simple, straightforward tips to help you hack your way into acquiring a huge following. 

1. Optimize your profile 

The first thing you should do is complete your profile by optimizing it. Because of the platform’s design, you shall approach various aspects of the Twitter profile differently from the past. Profile photos are currently square, which helps distinguish various user profiles from the square images appearing in tweets.

That said, several changes are cosmetic in nature. They have also served as an update, assisting twitter to be more updated to the latest years and not 2000. One of the leading steps on the road to garnering 100 followers is to ensure that your profile rocks. 

For that reason, you need to select a photo that is appropriate for the brand. Whether you are using a professional photo of your logo or ensuring that the important elements appear at the center, you must select the right image.

2. Tweet often- share yours and other’s content regularly.

If you do not tweet often, people will not tweet you back, which happens to be the leading and quickest way of getting followers. So, how about ramping up the tweets by making sure that you tweet consistently. 

3. Use your connection to ramp up the tweets.

It is more about who knows you and not who you know on social media. Therefore, you need to use your connections on various social media sites by linking your Twitter account to posts and updates. 

4. Find your competitor’s compelling tweets using Social Crawlytics.

Social Crawlytics is the one to-go neat tool that can help analyze a site’s popular content and then show it to you. It is also a fantastic way to help find content that is trending in your niche.

Thus, always create content that can quickly resonate well with the followers when you decide to tweet. Follow this by analyzing 3 of the top competitors and create a major list of popular content. At this point, you can steal ideas in a bid to create similar content but remember, it’s only ideas, not content.

Request your allies to share content 

Contact your friends in the industry who have posted on a similar topic and find out if they would like to share content. Often, because they are likely to be looking out for high-quality content on your tweet, they will share it to increase your profile’s visibility. Again, you need to ensure that you are using an email on a template.

Final Thoughts 

Getting 100 Twitter followers is not a difficult puzzle to solve. There are important things to remember, including tweeting content that resonates with your followers to build solid relationships with them. Secondly, always upload eye-catching videos to help consumers reach you. With the steps above, you will succeed in building your brand.